Sponsorship Proposal

2021-2022 Concert Season


Our Approach to Corporate Giving is annual. All sponsorship are designated into one of four categories. Many studies show that the effects of sponsorship are overwhelmingly positive. Patrons report they are more likely to buy or use a sponsor’s product or service in the future and overall public opinion of the company is raised.

The Sponsorship categories are as follows:


Sponsor will receive:

- Ten (10) Season tickets

- 1 hour music service for a company event

- An invitation to be a guest conductor at one of the concerts


Sponsor will receive:

- Six (6) Season tickets

- 45 minute music service for a company event


Sponsor will receive:

- Two (2) Season tickets

- Negotiable music service for a company event

SEASON, CORPORATE, & CONCERT Sponsors are entitled to the following, regardless of which category they fall under:

1. Full page advertisement in the EP Winds season program Five concerts

2. Listed on the "Sponsor Page" of the season program

3. Recognition at every concert

A poster listing Sponsor(s) will be prominently displayed in the lobby for each concert.

All advertising during the season will carry sponsor recognition


1. Business card size advertisement in the EP Winds season program

2. Listed on the "Sponsor Page" of the season program

This proposal represents an offer for an equitable partnership beneficial to your corporation and the El Paso Winds. We look forward to working with your organization and are open to mutually beneficial modifications of this proposal.

Please download the EPW Sponsor Packet file below,

Print the Sponsorship Page and

Check the level at which you would like to participate.

Contact Jessica Ramirez, Operations Manager, at for further information

Thank you for your generous support!!


Program Advertisements

The El Paso Winds season program will be used for each concert during the season. A separate insert will be used for each concert to list pieces to be performed and guest artist information. Consequently, an advertisement will appear in the program for every concert given during the 2018-19 season. All advertisements must be camera ready. The EP Winds cannot be responsible for preparing the advertisements.

Full Page (5 X 8) $ 500

1/2 Page $ 300

1/4 Page $ 200

Business card $ 100

Performance Give Away Sponsor

Any business who would like to donate goods or services, to be raffled off during a concert of their choosing, will be listed on the back of the selected concert insert. The sponsor will have an opportunity to go on stage, introduce themselves, and draw the winning ticket at the concert they have chosen.


Any business or individual that gives a donation of over $50.00 will be listed in the El Paso Winds season program as a donor within the category of their contribution amount.

Categories of Donations






Donations larger than these amounts will be listed in categories that fit the Sponsor dollar amount.

School Spotlight

Any band program making a donation, in any dollar amount, will be recognized in our season program

For more information or to purchase an advertisement, please contact

Jessica Ramirez, Operations Manager, at or at

(915) 274-6521

Sponsor Packet 2019-20.pdf
program ads 2019.pdf